Thursday, January 17, 2019

Three Seas

World War 1990: Battle of the Three Seas stands at 50,000 words.

That's 10,000 or so words to go.

The next bit of work will probably be back at the Battle of the Barents Sea, Kola.

The danger now is that one chapter stands out from another vis-à-vis length, detail etc.

Anyway, here's what's happening on Crimea:

Send the Pinkertons (to LA)

Parents of Los Angeles, now is your time!

The communist school teachers of the LA Unified School District are on strike.

Readers, I've been a college professor, a teacher, a sub, I've seen this whole deal from the inside and I've dealt with it's aftermath at the college level.

I've sat in the faculty collective and listened to these people bitch and moan, their self god, you'd think teachers were comic book super heroes listening to these people talk.

Yet they would send me freshman college students who knew nothing, absolutely nothing about history.

Parents of LA, you can do it better.

I know it.

Twenty-Eight and Ten Years on

Twenty-eight years ago yesterday Desert Storm began.

Also ten years ago this year we published A Line through the Desert.

The idea had been kicking around our head since 2002, and we began writing the book in March of 2003 moments after finishing Nick Hornby's High Fidelity. Let's just say we related. The John Cusack film is a faithful representation, aside from being American, not British. 

There are traces of HF in ALTD, mostly music related.

At this time ten years ago we were going through Book Surge's (now CreateSpace's) agonizing formatting process. This meant a lot of waiting and money.

Now we do it all ourselves, for free.

Cancel This

The United States House of Representatives, like all good legislative bodies, is an independent branch of government.

As such the president speaks there at the House's pleasure.

This year it is not the House's pleasure and San Fran Nan has disinvited President Trump.


The State of the Union is sooooo stupid. A dumb, scripted pageant filled with trained seals lapping up fish tossed at them by a ring master.

The president is merely required to report on the state of the union from time to time.

Till 1913 this report was delivered in writing.

The first president to address congress was Woodrow Wilson.

Reader(s) of William Stroock dot BlogSpot dot com are reeling from their smart phones, doing spit takes and saying, 'Woodrow Wilson! Great scot!' If a college professor thinks something is a good idea, it's probably not.

Nancy thinks she's being clever, but all she's really done is shown that she is out of her league, in over her head. Pick whatever metaphorical cliché you like, Granny de-Botox has given Trump the excuse he needs to deliver the SOTU at say, I dunno, the border!

Wednesday, January 16, 2019

The Bridge at Tappan Zee

Yesterday they blew up the Tappan Zee Bridge, one of the important landmarks of life in Westchester County:
That bridge was three miles across the Hudson Zee (see) as the Dutch called it and a nod to the region's Nederlands heritage. 

The reader is looking north and if one continues north, one comes to a bend. Around that bend is where we grew up, just north of Croton and south of Peekskill or Peek's Kill.

The Darkest of Webs

Yesterday was Ben Shapiro's birthday


A decade ago we were following Ben when he was Andrew Breitbart's (PBUH) protégée.

Now at the Daily Wire he is a 'thought leader'* of the so called Intellectual Dark Web.

Briefly, the IDW is a lose network of writers, lecturers, podcasters and thinkers, who are, for lack of a better term, Not-Left.

They are interested in ideas, intensely curious and enjoy long-form discussion.

Shapiro has a talk show called the Sunday Special. Lot's of these guys have them, Dave Rubin, Joe Rogan...and they all interview one another.

It seems redundant for Rogan to go on Shapiro and then for Shapiro to go on Rogan but it's actually quite interesting. This lose association of intellectuals is having a conversation, in public, threshing out post-neocon conservatism and Trump.

The latest example is Tucker Carlson's verbal vivisection of Mitt Romney. This kicked off a debate on the issue of markets and capitalism in which Shapiro responded forcefully to Carson.

Shapiro should have Carlson back on for a good threshing out of ideas.

Joe Rogan can be addictive. He just hangs with guests as varied as Jay Leno, Jordan Peterson, Les Stroud, Steven Crowder and of course, Shapiro. Sometimes the chats go on for three hours.

Are you watching? If not, why not?
*We should be pistol whipped for even using the term.

The Irish Beefed on Brexit

We have our finger on the pulse of British politics of course, with deep reach inside Parliament and contacts both within and without Mrs. May's government.

That is why we can tell you that Prime Minister May is poised to win the no confidence vote triggered by her humiliating and historic defeat in the Commons.

[Or you just read the Telegraph this morning-Ed]

May survives, but at this point, with Brexit looming in March, there is no deal. That is, Britain Leaves the EU without any new parameters for her dealings with the EU. It's like ripping a Band Aid or chopping off an appendage, Anthony Hopkins style or Herschel in The Walking Dead, if one prefers.


Like our own so-called government shutdown here in America, nothing will happen.

Remainers have launched Project Fear version, I dunno, infinity.

We just read an article fearing the price of food will rise becuase the Limeys won't be able to import Irish beef.

Vraiment? That's the best they can do?

We are reminded of a friend of ours complaining that the last government shutdown here in America cost the GOP the governor's race in Virginia. The complainer  was a member of the GOP-e, of course.

Gee, you don't suppose there's someone else out there who would love to make a deal to export beef to Britain do you? 'I got a great deal for you, Terry. It's going to be a fabulous deal, the best, the best deal, just great. These steaks, they'll go great with ketchup.'

Du du du Duuuuuuu

We are executing a complicated combined amphibious and airborne attack on Crimea.

At one point, as the Franco-Italian fleet enters the Bosporus we were being coy about the target. But as we've added more detail, it becomes pretty obvious.

We think at this stage in the war, with the Soviet Black Sea fleet on the bottom, resources gradually siphoned off to the west, and morale collapsing, the landings will be largely unopposed.

Also, we think we accidently Pluskated.

Do devotees really need an explanation?

. . . -

Du, du, du Duuuuuuu.
We here at William Stroock dot BlogSpot dot com hope the dog was ok.

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

A Yankee's Beard

I am not a beard guy. But here is a beard for the Yankee winter:
It was ten degrees this morning. Fahrenheit not Celsius...stupid metric system. 

Those in Peril

Coming 15 February, a collection of naval related alternate history short stories including works by the great Sarah Hoyt and your trusted blogger.

Our own story is The Blue and Red: Palmerston's Ironclads.

Thanks to Chris Kennedy and James Young.

Stroock to Gillette: Go to Hell

By now you've heard of Gillette's misandrist 'the best men we can be' 

We here at William Stroock dot blospot dot com have taken appropriate action:

The Proctor and Gamble Company
1 P&G Plaza, Cincinnati, Ohio 45202

Dear Proctor and Gamble:

Your new Gillette ‘Shave off toxic masculinity’ campaign is wrong-headed and offensive.

You will find enclosed my Gillette razor and remaining blades.

I no longer want Gillette razors or anything to do with your company.


William Stroock

Stroock to China: Drop Dead

So China, we understand you've been talkin' some smack, threatening to sink a carrier or two.

You really wanna go there, bro?

Have you not read the history of the 20th century? 

You know China, we got an entire continent more or less to ourselves. Sure Mexico's annoying, but Canada's a great buddy. We really have a nice set up here.

Then someone goes and thinks they can mess with us. They always regret it.

Before you guys talk shit about us, maybe you oughta speak to the Kaiser, or der Fuhrer or the politburo or Mullah Omar and OBL.

Whoops, my bad, you can't becuase they're all dead. That's how we roll, yo.

Sure the Japanese emperor is still around but that's just us being totally cool after nuking them.

Threats don't make us mad, they just piss us off.

And here's the thing, China, we're really good at toppling tyranny. Again, look at the list. And we like doing it. After we blew the holy fuck out of the Taliban and marched into Kabul we thought, 'Now that we got the juices flowing, who can we take out next?' Then we went and took out Saddam. Go ask him. Ooops, you can't, because we hung the SOB.

So China, watch your mouth and get in step. Or else.

Oh, and we'll take a #4 with extra rice and an egg roll.

Monday, January 14, 2019

Mike and the Mad Dog and the Jews

The other day we talked about listening to Mike and the Mad Dog on the 2nd 9/11 anniversary.

Readers from outside the NY metro area should understand that host Mike Francesa and Chris Russo were sports-talk gods in New York. Their top rated radio show had the absolute final say on what was happening in NY Sports. They changed policies and even engineered trades on air.

Fate put Mike and Chris on the radio during the terrorist attacks and after. 

Their remarks vis-à-vis 9/11 and Jews were controversial and what they actually say remained unclear and controversial.

ESPN's 30 for 30 has a good summary:
There's no audio recording of the pair calling for a Jewish loyalty oath, but people said they heard it.

We didn't, though days after we did listen to a lengthy on air discussion and argument they had on the matter. Mike and Chris insisted over and over again that their remarks were misunderstood.

Can we agree that a couple of sports guys might be a little tongue tied after a terrorist attack, and their thoughts not fully fleshed out?

Also, Mike's right.

Wither the White Race (Democrats Rejoice)

Breitbart tells us that the white birthrate has dropped below replacement level in all 50 states.

This happening in Brooklyn, San Francisco, Austin is understandable. But what's up with Utah, Mississippi, Kentucky? Come on fellas, a VS box, some flowers, candlelight....this ain't rocket science guys.

Cometh the GOP's demographic demise. Or not.

Salena Zeto (PBUH) reports that FL Senator Rick Scott won 48 percent of the Hispanic vote in his two races for governor.

Ahhh, the Cubans*, says the skeptic. Cubans understandably loath the Party of Castro But the Cuban vote only accounted for 35% of the overall Hispanic vote.

Then there's the Texas case. Between 1994 and 2006 W and Rick Perry got between 33 and 49 percent of the Hispanic vote.

And in 2004 W got between 40-44 percent of the Hispanic vote nationally.

The Democrat Party of Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez thinks race trumps everything. Being a Venezuelan style Marxist, AOC should understand that race is a construct and class is everything.

*We're talkin about people, right?

Sunday, January 13, 2019

Stroock's Tropes

It's a trope, right. But you need it, don't you?

The Stroock novel planning session.

We're doing it again in World War 1990: Battle of the Three Seas.

This time we have a bunch of French, Italian and Turkish marine and paratroop officers going over a map, pointing and saying things like, 'We shall drop my battalion right in the field.' Or, 'The San Marco Marines will be proud to seize the airport.'

We got in a new one-liner too, 'We are standing by at Sinope. I hope you all like Turkish food.'

You people really aren't sick of this, are you? No you are not.


[No, you can't get all of your French character names from the NHL-Ed]

On Kevin Hart

Heterosexual readers may not be aware of the Oscars hosting controversy.

Briefly, comedian Kevin Hart was supposed to host the Oscars but was dis-hosted once some SJWs discovered  some old Tweets of Hart's that they didn't like.

A few days ago the Oscars back-tracked and re-invited Hart, to which he replied, 'Na, I'm good, ya'll.'

Good for him.

We didn't know much about Hart and thought of him as one of those un-funny comedians who gets by on attitude.

Out of curiosity we watched him on Jerry Seinfeld's brilliant Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee. We found Hart both funny and likable.

We think reader(s) will enjoy this clip of Hart from The 40 Year old Virgin:

Wither Joe Lieberman (who?)

Or, how I lost everyone in the audience under 35 by Joe Lieberman, as told by William Stroock, Esq. etc. etc.

Former senator and failed vice presidential candidate Joe Lieberman (remember him?) has spoken.

The sop who specialized in furrowed brow stentorian speeches said that Alexandra Ocasio Cortez is not the future of the Democrat party.

Ms. Venezuela replied, 'New party. Who dis?'

Quite right, actually.

Joe Lieberman is sooooo 2000. The Lieberman moment was silly, really. After being nominated for veep he was running around saying, 'Only in America'. Of course Britain had a Jewish Prime Minister way back in the 19th century. 

Let's role play this, ya'll:

Answer: Gets Chinese and goes to the movies on Christmas.
Question: Who is Benjamin Disraeli, PM 1874-1880?

Answer: Referred to as, 'his old Jew' by Otto Von Bismarck.
Question: Who is Benjamin Disraeli, PM, 1874-1880?

Anyway, the Lieberman moment didn't last long. He was excommunicated by the Dems in 2006, defeated in his own primary for supporting victory in Iraq.

Lieberman existed mostly to give Algore a way to look like he was condemning Bill's serial sexual assault without actually condemning Bill's serial sexual assault. 

Lieberman's not even a Democrat. He has no future in the party.

No, the future of the Democrat Party is know-it-all, no-nothings like Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez, Rashida Tlaib, and Ilhan Omar*.

Also Juden hass.

*Married her brother.
I am Jewish, hear me roar

Saturday, January 12, 2019

Updates for A January Saturday (man it's cold)

We've made a few changes to the blog. Thoughts?

Iraq, 2003 may be Blooms' best chapter. We're wondering if we shouldn't go back and make just a few small tweaks.

World War 1990: NL is going really, really well.

World War 1990: Battle of the Three Seas is also going really, really well. As noted before we're at 45,000 words and just need to make editions. At the moment it looks like those will be more detail on the combined Franco-Italian assault, marines, paras, FFL, etc. Turks?

Friday, January 11, 2019

Pompeo in Cairo and Right in Cairo

So Secretary of State Mike Pompeo gave a speech in Cairo in which he slammed, chastened and excoriated Barrack Hussein Obama: 
Remember: It was here, here in this city, that another American stood before you. He told you that radical Islamist terrorism does not stem from an ideology. He told you that 9/11 led my country to abandon its ideals, particularly in the Middle East. He told you that the United States and the Muslim world needed, quote, ‘a new beginning,’ end of quote.
He said,  'The age of self-inflicted American shame is over...'

Quite right.

We are the United States of America.

We are the good guys.


Today in Telemarketing

Indian Scammer: Good afternoon, sir. My name is Rob from card member services. How are you doing today?
Stroock [as Apu]: Oh yes, thank you Mr. Rob. I being very fine today....hello?

Will's Good Idea for the Week of 1-13-19 Early Edition

We've got World War 1990: The Battle of the Three Seas up to 45K. Without too much trouble we can flesh it out to 50,000.

But we're still going to have to add something.

One third of the Three Seas takes place in the Far East.

Now here's an idea: Australian SAS working with the Japanese? Maybe seizing an airfield or something?

One problem. 

We've had plenty of 22 SAS running around and let's just say we'll have plenty more of them running around in The Final Storm.

We had the Kiwi SAS in Anzacs.

And we had the 75th Ranger Regiment seize an airfield in Castro's Folly.

I know, I know Neil Gaiman's rule, when someone reads one of your books they want another one just like it.

And if people aren't sick of cabinet meetings they probably aren't sick of commandos with funny accents taking objectives and blowing stuff up.


We actually bought a bunch of books about the Aussie SAS for ANZACs but never worked them into the plot. This would also afford us a chance to redeem ourselves vis a vis some of the mistakes we made in ANZACs.

We'll see.

Green Book Author Black Listed

So the screenwriter of the film Green Book has been unpersoned becuase he Tweeted that he saw Muslims celebrating the 9/11 attacks in Jersey City-four years ago.

Now this is interesting.

Muslims celebrating after 9/11 has grown into a yuuuuge urban legend or un-legend.

Before going further, one should understand that things were little weird around here for a while. 

God the crater must have smoldered for months afterwards. Ground Zero was a great physical, emotional and spiritual wound for the region.

People were jumpy.

One night in December we woke up to the sound of helicopter blades low overhead and thought that Al Qaida must have nuked NYC. Turns out the cops were chasing a car thief.

One saw helicopters in the canyons of Manhattan too, and armed National Guard troops at Penn and Grand Central.

Mosques got observed and infiltrated by cops.

That November a small plane crashed in Queens and well, everyone wondered for a while.

We all kept our eyes open. and had a few encounters ourselves.

About 3 weeks after 9/11 we saw a squad of NYC flatfoots stop a dark man driving a U-Haul toward the Lincoln Tunnel. 'Right here, sir. Over here!'

In early 2003 we saw a couple of obviously Muslim men videotaping our local Walmart. We told the manager.

People generally gave Muslims the bug-eye.**

The first 9/11 anniversary was cathartic, we guess. Bush spoke at Ground Zero on a wet, cloudy day and then went to the UN to talk about war.

The second 9/11 anniversary was weird. That day had the same clear skies and sunshine. We recall it vividly, we were listening to Mike and the Mad Dog on the way to work. Because it was 9/11 Dog cooled his usual ebullient opening.

We were driving to our teaching gig at a Yeshiva in Passaic, a town from where one could see the towers. Passaic is a real melting pot.

That autumn a Yeshiva employee told us about the local Dunkin Donuts on 9/11. She said on that day the Muslim employees were jumping up and down and shouting for joy. The cops showed up and made arrests. The Dunkin Donuts closed and never reopened.

That employee was the Yeshiva principal.

Here's a report on Jersey City Muslim celebrations from the New York Daily News:

Here's the report with this intriguing paragraph:
* [Witness, Ron} Knight was one of two Tonnele Avenue residents who said they witnessed a crowd celebrating on John F. Kennedy Boulevard not far from Masjid Al-Salam, the mosque where Omar Abdel-Rahman, known as the "blind sheikh," preached before the 1993 World Trade Center bombing.
Our own thinking on the matter is that most of the Muslims seen 'celebrating' 9/11 were either jumping up and down in the over-excited fashion typical of Mediterranean types or kneeling in prayer. Most, not all.

*We wouldn't dare see something, say something today. Who needs the trouble?
**Pucker up buttercup. It was 9/11.