Thursday, September 20, 2018

World War 1990: Polish Storm

World War 1990: Polish available for Kindle:

The Thomas-Kavannaugh Difference

Younger reader(s) should know that the whole Anita Hill-Clarence Thomas imbroglio consumed the nation for a few weeks.

Did he? Didn't he? Clinton ally, Linda Bloodworth Thomason, even cranked out an emergency episode of Designing Women* on the hearings.

For some reason, furrow browed journalists kept pronouncing sexual harassment as harrisment. This of course led to an epidemic of idiot 18 year olds...

[You mean you?-Ed]

...walking around talking about sexual harrisment and saying things like, 'I'm being sexually harrised.'

Anyway, we bring this up becuase we don't see a lot of our friends on FB talking about Ford-Kavanaugh. Here and there someone posts something, but it's not consuming the newsfeed the way the Clarence Thomas hearings consumed the news in 1991.

People have better things to do? Is the whole thing just to ridiculous? I dunno.

*This was a show about four harpies in Atlanta running an ad agency and wondering why they couldn't hold down a man.

W and the Crisis Ten Years On

Longtime reader(s) know that despite our MAGAness and general deplorability we remain stubbornly supportive of W and his presidency.

Bush 43 was a good president, here's one of the main reasons why:

The day after Lehman Brothers failed, Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson and Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke went to President George W. Bush with bad news. Insurer American International Group Inc. needed $85 billion or it, too, would collapse.

Though unhappy and frustrated, Mr. Bush approved the loan, saying, “If we suffer political damage, so be it,” Mr. Paulson later wrote.

Scholars of the crisis rightly focus on the decisions that the three crisis managers—Mr. Paulson, Mr. Bernanke and New York Fed President Tim Geithner—made to rescue the financial system. Though unpopular at the time and still second-guessed, their actions were vital in avoiding a second Great Depression. Yet most would have been impossible without the president’s support, which Mr. Bush gave unreservedly from start to finish.
That's leadership. That's making the tough call. That's staving off the next depression.

Recall that TARP was 100 percent paid back.

One day people will tell their grandchildren they voted for W.


Principal: I'm sorry, Mr. Stroock, but the rules clearly state children may not make toy weapons with their fingers.
Stroock: But it was a phaser set to stun.

Pershing in Command

And the formatting wars continue.

Actually, we made an editorial decision to include a lot of pics to go with the maps. We think they'll really add something to book.

All that remains is to figure out how we want the chapter headings to look.

From there we order a proof and read. One. Last. Time.

Taint This

Our own sense is that Senator Dianne Feinstein, whose driver of 20 years was a Chinese spy, was using the Blasey-Ford accusation to taint Kavanaugh, not actually derail the nomination.

Even Senator Feinstein doubts the veracity of some of the professor's claims.

In response Judge Kavanaugh said, 'Sure. I'll testify under oath. Let's do it.'

We are reminded of John O'Neill, president of Swift Boat Veterans for Truth,  'If Senator Kerry think's I've slandered him he should build a case and sue me,' said the trial lawyer with 30 years experience.

Being a prof, Maybe Blasey-Ford thought she could #Metoo Kavanaugh through a Title-9 style kangaroo court.

In any event we agree with the analysis at Hotair, that this entire event is about to blowup.

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Format This !@#$

We've been formatting Pershing in Command all afternoon. 

Decorum prevents us from saying how things went and how we feel about the process. 

Just imagine a string of curses and us sitting on the couch wondering if we're having a heart attack.

Jesus H Christ, all those years of work and the goddamn thing is only 185 pages long

That said we are quite pleased with the cover and the maps have scanned well.

Map Example:

This book should look pretty good.