Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Do do do-do do do-do Under Pressure

So I wake up each morning, head downstairs, grab a cup of coffee and open the computer on which this is being written.

My point is I get to work right away.

Each morning I feel a tremendous amount of pressure to move things forward.

All of the pressure is self imposed.

Novels written. Novels edited. Magazine articles completed. This blog...

All just to get things cleared out so I can move onto the next thing.

There is always a next thing.

You know what I did after I clicked the 'publish' button for Polish Storm? I got back to work on Pershing in Command. After I clicked publish on Pershing in Command I went back to work on The Final Storm, or Blooms, or the Palmerston's War short story.

In between I fold laundry while listening to French, sweep up, cook dinner, take the kids to dance, etc etc.

When does the pressure stop?

Tremendous Pressure.

Wither Dick Cheney.

So a Dick Cheney biopic is coming out.

Dick Cheney?

Leftists can never let go. 

Without looking, reader(s), name FDR's veep. How about Lincoln's? How about Teddy Roosevelt's? We can't do the last two.

But leftists need a Dick Cheney biopic.

By the way, director Adam McKay has some interesting thoughts about Bill Clinton, “I legitimately think Bill Clinton is one of the worst presidents in the modern age...” 

I legitimately think McKay is really wrong. Bill Clinton was a perfectly adequate peacetime president, a Calvin Coolidge, a John Quincy Adams, a Rutherford B. Hayes. 

McKay also references Bill Clinton's #metoo issues. He's a little late to the party. We say, as Dems said back in the 90's, that's his personal life!

Anyway, Cheney keels over from a heart attack at the end of World War 1990: Operation Eastern Storm. Lefties oughta be happy about that. Of course he's replaced by Jewish-neocon-warmonger Paul Wolfowitz, soooo... 

Monday, November 19, 2018

Hello There Plag Scanner

Well this is an interesting referring site:
I've never knowingly plagiarized anything in my life, and if someone is thinking of making the accusation, they better be able to prove it in court.

You are the Lightening....a Spark Acorss the Sky....

At the moment we're reading about Yugoslavia, but thinking about 2543.

We've actually had something of an intellectual breakthrough on the later.

The first act ends with the Martian and UE fleets battling each other to a draw over the wormhole, though with the Martians gaining the upper hand thanks to some tactical wizardry by Martian Admiral Son Wing.

Then the aliens show up.

Admiral Wing is something of a hard case, and as the war develops he's going to have to get along with the Earthers he despises. We think the final battle will involve a hated UE Admiral holding open the wormhole while Wing leads his squadron through to the other side.

An awful lot of this job is just sitting around, staring into space and Processing...Processing....Nothing but staring into space and thinking. That's why 2019 is an either or proposition. Either we write 2543, or we write World War 1990: Ensercito Italiano. There's no third option.

This is almost exactly what it feels like:
Always there is the fire of creation. That spark, that flair across the creative night that makes one think, 'Now that's a hell of an idea.' 

There follows the buzz. The idea percolates in a pot. The idea is a hive of bees swarming in a closed space...Two divisions advancing south from Hungary....a combined amphibious/airborne landing on Tirana...the 173rd Airborne Brigade held back for the big show in Belgrade...The notion if Italian military redemption. That character whose grandfather spent the war in an Indian POW camp...That's pretty good army they have there, let's do some good with it.

Down by the Adriatic Sea....there's a place called Kosovo...that's where you don't want to go...if you're Albanian at all...bodies in the sand....Slobo waring with a heavy hand...Tanks rolling through town...bringing Muslims down....way down in Kosovo...

Let's do this.

But at one point we thought 'Let's do this' about a previous idea, and that one is already in the hopper. To be true to the idea, to ensure that wonderful spark of creation is fulfilled, one has to be true to it, and stick it out, even if the buzz is long gone.

The 2018 Death Bed

I sat in a hospital room Friday night with my father and sister, watching my mother's pulse, heartrate and breathing slowly weaken. 

Back in the 19th century my mother would have died coughing and wheezing, each breath harder than the last. Modern medicine was keeping her alive in an effort to cure one disease so that the doctors might treat another. By Friday morning the issue was quality of life.  Who wants to live like that?

Now I wondered about quality of death, if there is such a thing.

Twenty-five years ago I figured technology would have progressed  so that thousands of dollars of machines were unnecessary.

But no. 

I thought, the year is 2018 and this is still how we die.

I want my Bibi, my Bibi, my Bibi, my Bibi...

We expected to wake up this morning to news that Benjamin Netanyahu's coalition of 67 seats in the 120 seat Knesset has collapsed, but as of this writing it appears Bibi will survive.

Bibi runs a coalition of right leaning parties with his own Likud which holds 30 seats. His partners include hardcore West Bank settlers, modern secularists, modern orthodox*, Haredi**, and a million or so Russians.*** The coalition partners are all pissed about last week's Gaza fighting, Hamas's kite offensive and the weekly assaults on the border.

We've been skeptical here about another offensive's ability to do anything but 'mow the lawn' as they say. The Israelis will just end up doing it again in a few years.

But maybe it's time to invade Gaza, topple Hamas and re-install Fatah, no?

*Like Joe Liberman, remember him?
** The guys in the black suits with the prayer curls.
*** If you're wondering why Israel has become so much more bellicose over the years, there's one of your answers. These people may be Jews, but they are still Russian. Aerial Sharon was Russian. Aerial Sharon's nickname was 'The Bulldozer'.