Wednesday, January 31, 2018

It was a Great Speech, the Most Beautiful Speech, Really First Rate...

After watching the President's State of the Union Speech it's hard not to feel optimistic about his administration and the country. We really liked the first 1/4 or so where he touted all the economic numbers, job creation, returning companies, etc etc. Trump sounded more polished than usual, though still like Trump.

At this point in our life, the best part of the SOTU is watching the opposition. We were not disappointed.  Via Drudge:

I thought it was only gas

Granny Pebotoxi looked like her Depends needed to be changed. That's the future of the Dems, people. Honestly we were surprised the Dems/Left didn't pull some loony stunts. Trump kept trying to get the Dems to stand and applaud, which was nice.

The esteemed M. Steyn rails against the SOTU these days and we see his point. Third World Dictators wish they could throw themselves a pageant like this. We disliked the massive motorcade.  Trump should have taken the Farragut Square Metro to the Capitol Metro stop and used the experience to talk about the need for an infrastructure bill. Why not? 

The Constitution merely requires the president to report on the state of the union 'from time to time'. The grand SOTU event only goes back to Woodrow Wilson. That fact alone gives one pause. Next year, Tweet it.*

*disclosure: We stole the idea from somebody, but we're not sure from whom. 

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