Monday, January 22, 2018

Mathews Clocked In

Via Breitbart, Chris Mathews sobers up long enough to say what we've been saying all along:
Matthews said on his Hardball show this week that though Democrats are giddy about potentially sweeping away Republican incumbents in the fall, a good year in 2018 does not mean Democrats can defeat the charismatic Trump if he remains on message about the booming economy and as disciplined as he was on Thursday.
Matthews said he “watched every minute” of Trump’s speech this week, calling it a “barn burner” in which Trump “hit all the high notes—never a flat one.” He said Trump focused on minority employment numbers, did not get sidetracked and bigfoot his own message, and delivered an “uplifting, gung-ho” speech “with all the flags flying.”

The election in 2020 won't really be about who the Dems nominate. Be the nominee a fake Indian, a hysterical New Jersey Senator (I voted for the guy), or anyone else from the Democrat Party's Mos Eisley HQ. 

The election will be a referendum on Trump.

If he delivers, he wins. That's it.

By the way, the Dems won't have a good year in 2018.

 'I need a drink, Jesus...'

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