Friday, January 26, 2018

On the Forthcoming

Pershing's War: 1919 is 12,000 words and coming along decently. We're quite pleased with The Battle of Stenay.

Of course we are looking at a 35,000 word novella in World War 1990: The Battle of the Polish Plain. Two choices here, either figure out how to mash it back together, or expand the latter. Honestly, we don't want to expand the latter. We're sick of this universe and don't want to revisit it for a while. But we don't want to mash it all back together either.

We suppose we could wrap up the book at 40,000 and put it out that way. But we're talking about a novella, and we don't think the readership would pay $4.99 for that, so it'd have to be priced at $2.99. To us that's leaving a buck on the table with every sale. The author takes 70% by the way. So 60,000 words it is. Should take about a month.

But right now we'll set the World War 1990 stuff aside till we get Pershing's War 1919 finished. Frankly, we want the program to stay all AEF all the time. That's just what we want to do. So here's what we're looking at:

Pershing's War 1919
Polish Plain
The Bastard's Conquest
The Final Storm (2019)

Me, 'I had a vision...'
God, 'Ohhhhhh you had a vision....well isn't that nice.'

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