Sunday, January 28, 2018

What Would we do, Exactly...

...If we weren't writing?

Over at Instapundit, the indefatigable Sarah Hoyt writes:

QUITTING DRINKING IS EASY, I’VE DONE IT HUNDREDS OF TIMES:   Heavy drinkers can’t quit booze even if they want to, study says.  (Of course, I’m not a heavy drinker.  But I’ve had similar issues with writing.  The longest I stayed quit was two weeks, at the end of which I had cleaned everything that stood still long enough, including boys and cats, and the entire family begged me to resume writing… and leave them alone.)
Uh, yeah.

It's 8:06 on a Sunday morning and we're writing this. After this we'll go to work on Pershing's War: 1919 for a while. We're also fighting off the urge to go finish up a pair of magazine articles we've been working on.

We're headed to Manhattan today and we'll spend that car time plotting, also ogling Mrs. Stroock in her skinny jeans and boots, but mostly plotting...

We do lot's of research at night in front of the TV with the kids. And in between bouts of cleaning we plot more.

Honestly, we don't feel very good at night unless we've given maximum writing effort.

That's how you get this job.

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