Thursday, February 1, 2018

On Black Panther

This Black Panther movie certainly has some buzz and looks like it's going to be yuuge.

We saw the trailer for Black Panther at The Last Jedi. To us it looked like just another comic book movie, something about which we do not care. We've barely seen Iron Man, so that's where we're coming from here.  We were intrigued by the premise, though. We liked that most of the characters had that modern African accent, that sort of sing-song from the front of the mouth delivery. Maybe the film has potential

We'll probably never do it but we've had in our mind an alternate history where the colonies the US and UK expand and by the 20th century are major advanced powers in West Africa. Sort of a reverse of David Drakes Drakka saga.

[There's a Sunday post-Ed]

Anyway, we hope Black Panther is about a glorious African future and we hope our fears for this film go unrealized. We wish  Black Panther well.

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