Tuesday, March 13, 2018

CHiPs 70's Hell

Via the Ace of Spades Moron Lifestyle Group on Facebook we have this clip:

Of course this clip comes from CHiPs:

Younger reader(s) this is what the 70's felt like. The cool, the overly fabulous theme song, the color scheme....my god those earth tones, browns and oranges, the shinning sun, the LA backdrop. Anyone who was there would take one look at this and think, Yes! That's it. That's the 70's.

Everything about this clip says the future is now. This is it and it's never gonna change. These people just knew those bell bottoms would look good forever.

Interestingly that roller-rink clip is classic mid-century Hollywood; celebrity for celebrities sake packed with celebrities...Look! Todd Bridges!

The 80's soooo had to happen, folks.

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