Monday, March 12, 2018

PA Special Election

Tomorrow voters in western Pennsylvania will go to the polls in a special congressional election. We have no idea who the candidates are and neither does anyone else. This race is Trump vs Not Trump.

Last year we had four such special house races. Trump won all four.

Remember, we're talking Western Pennsylvania here. That's steel and coal country. During the last few weeks Trump has taken steps to solidify his base there, most notably he signed the steel and aluminum tariffs. Yesterday he held a thunderous rally in Moon PA. The troops seem motivated. Of course the Dems will be motivated as well.

We theorize that the media has completely misread last year's off-off year elections in NJ and VA, and that the Dems simply won some home games and these portend nothing for this November.

We think Trump wins on Tuesday.

[Isn't there a wee bit of wish-casting there? -Ed]

A wee bit, sure, but based in reality.

[You're the last one to talk about anything being based in reality-Ed]


[Tell, me, in your world, how many cute coeds had a crush on you?-Ed]

Oh, many, many. There was cute red-head, other cute red-head, that cute red-head with the flaming locks that used to cascade down her shoulders like the fires of Mordor, the blonde fashion model plagiarist, those Italian sisters, that nice girl from Colombia...oh and that guy who signed up for us in Summer I and Summer II whose name rhymed with a Star Wars character.



[That's my point. But I totally believe you about the gay sooooo put out signals-Ed]

Do not.

[You're the one who used to talk about cross-dressing-Ed]

Only on the weekends....

[You actually talked about putting together an outfit, blue dress with dove prints, white hat with matching pumps and purse-Ed].

That was my Hyacinth Bucket phase.

Anyway, as far as Tuesday goes,  we'll see.

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