Tuesday, April 24, 2018

80's TV Hell

As noted last week, we took a look at TV ratings for the 80's and were surprised by what we saw. Go take a look.

1980's television was surprisingly good. The top ten was dominated by NBC's family friendly sitcoms and high powered dramas. Cheesy cop shows rounded out the schedule. The only show that could really be classified '80's cool' was Miami Vice.

With this in mind here are the top ten shows of the 80's TV aesthetic. 

Hill Street Blues: Remember, the 80's come out of the crappy 70's. We are cynical and world weary. But there's something hopeful about this theme too.

Night Rider: Ohhhhh yeah, that score says 'now we're in the 80's'. So does the Hoff's hair:

Air Wolf: Maybe the most 80's intro.

Magnum PI: You knew this had to be here. The 80's man's man. When we went to Hawaii with our wife's family, the first thing everyone wanted to see was Magnum's house.

Cosby: 1984 Season. You've got the infamous sweaters, the bright colors, but what's really 80's is the gray feel. See how uncool Bill is?

Family Ties: Very under-rated. Just a simple family show. The hook was 60's parents with 80's kids. Perhaps the most Gen-X of shows. Just walk up to anyone forty or over and ask them what SCUBA stands for.

Miami Vice: We think the only show on this list that is 80's in the same way CHiPs is 70's. This is the future and it's now.

Alf: Another dorky family sitcom with 60's boomer re-treads.

The A-Team: We're not sure how this show fits into the whole 80's thing, but we had to do it. Dirk Benedict bridges the 70's and 80's. You'll see:

Murder....she Wrote*: Think 80's TV wasn't for grownups?

Dynasty: Mostly forgotten today, Dynasty was a yuuge deal in the 80's:
LA Law: Total 80's convergence. Synth and glitz. This is the go-go 80's.

*Say that in Pat Sumerall's voice. NFL fans no what we mean. 

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