Sunday, April 22, 2018

Fun with Cardiac Events: The WTS Afterschool Special

So the other day, after a few days with chest pains, we decided we needed to head off to the emergency room.

But there were logistical problems.

First, Middle Daughter was home.

Second, Oldest Daughter and Friend needed to get to dance.

Third, Youngest Daughter needed to be picked up from day-care.

Did we mention Mrs. Stroock was in Washington?

So we went to the neighbors, the D's, briefed them on the situation and sprung into action.

Mrs. D took our car and got Oldest Daughter and friend to dance and then went to day-care and retrieved Youngest Daughter. At the same time Mr. D took us to the ER. We made a command decision and decided Middle Daughter could be left home alone for an hour. Once we were checked in at the ER we sent Mr. D home, by then Mrs. D had recovered Oldest Daughter and friend from dance.

[Wait, wait. You thought you might be having a heart attack but first worked out how you were getting the kids to dance before heading to the ER?-Ed]

Yes, and pulled it off. 

Dad level: Master.

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