Friday, April 20, 2018

Immigration Rights for Brown People

Our friend William Katz quotes the College Fix which informs us that a bunch of brats at Brown University are rebelling against an assignment:
A professor at Brown University has come under fire for an assignment that asked journalism students to interview illegal immigrants, with one activist group stating that the assignment serves to “exploit” undocumented individuals...
You punk kids. This is called reporting, journalism some might say:

Stephen Kinzer, a senior fellow in international and public affairs at the school, assigned the project as part of a course titled “International Journalism.”
That name rang a bell with us. Five years ago when we wrote a magazine article on the Contra War in Nicaragua the first book we consulted was Professor Kinzer's Blood of Brothers.

You see, Kinzer was The Times' man in Managua. There was nothing he didn't know about Nicaragua, the Sandinistas, the Nicaraguan Freedom Fighters and the war. And Professor Kinzer didn't cover the war from the hotel bar, but walked the mean streets of Managua and traipsed around the jungle gathering information. In the process he broke the story about secret Contra bases in Honduras.

We hope our respect for Professor Kinzer is coming through. These punk-ass student's, not so much:
In an April 5 Facebook post, the group announced “a campaign to denounce any and all unethical and irresponsible scholarship, journalism, and research”
So we went over to this FB Post by a group calling itself Brown Immigration Rights Coalition and said hi: 'You people should show Professor Kinzer a little respect. Who, what, where, when, why. It's called Journalism, Amigo. Oh and you keep spelling Illegal Alien wrong.' Later we added, 'Also, your group's name is racist.'

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