Thursday, April 26, 2018

Tennessee Two and Blue

Legal Insurrection reports on a new Mason-Dixon* poll showing former governor Phil Bredesen beating Marsha Blackburn in the senate race. The margin here is +3.

46% of those who responded favor Bredesen and 43% favor Blackburn. 11% of the respondents remain undecided.

Bredesen’s lead falls within the 4-point margin of error.

Both candidates reside in Middle Tennessee, which has Bredesen at 49% and Blackburn at 42%. Bredesen received 51% of the respondents in West Tennessee while Blackburn only had 38%
This is the fourth such poll we've seen. Of course Bredesen has state-wide name recognition and still can't get above 50.  Blackburn is a mere Congresswoman and no one outside of her district should know her, even if she's in the leadership.

LI points out Bredesen is 75 and when governor raised taxes and is running in a deep red state. At some point gravity should take effect and propel Blackburn to victory. But right now she at the GOP have work to do.

One last factor: people like their Blue Dog Democrats. These are (were) nice sensible Dems who believe in a strong America, a powerful military, and a government that helps people. You know, Roosevelt, Truman, Kennedy, even Clinton. Fortunately for the GOP the Dems are run by crazy people.

*For us, among the best polling firms.

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