Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Going Solo

As noted before, Star Wars isn't special anymore. Star Wars is just another universe to be franchised like Xmen or...I dunno I've never actually seen one of the Marvel/DC Comic Book Man movies so I really have no idea.


So they're twixting the nethers of all us Xers.*

So far Solo looks kind of like the next installment of the Oceans saga.

Reviews for Solo: A Star Wars Story are coming in, and their pretty meh.

But here's an idea. We're used to Star Wars movies being awesome or being awesomely bad. What if Solo is...OK? What if it's decent? What if Solo is pretty good, I guess? What if, to paraphrase Caesar  in History of the World Part I, Solo is, 'Nice...not thrilling...but nice.' 

*You know the drill, post in comments.


  1. I'll wait till it comes out on cable the last jedi killed star wars for me

  2. I wish someone would redo the 90s show space the war between humans and chiggs had a lot of potential