Friday, May 4, 2018

Inter-Hebrew Squabling

The estimable Steve Sailer, whom we consider the smartest man on the internet, reviews Jonathan's Weismann's panicked tome about being Jewish in Trump's America. Sailer notes:
Likewise, many 21st-century American Jews nurture resentments of how an ancestor was turned down for membership at a ritzy country club for being an unrefined Jew from Eastern Europe, but have conveniently forgotten that great-grandpa wasn’t trying to join a WASP golf club, he was instead blackballed by a German Jewish golf club.
Quite right. Our recently deceased grandfather spoke of his grandfather standing at the entrance to Jewish social functions and asking everyone their name. If a person's name was Eastern European (say Jablonski or Yaakov) they didn't get in. Our Great Great Grandfather was named Loeb and married into the Neuberger family. We were the refined Krauts, so no Polacks aloud.

Mid-century, when the Scarsdale Country Club asked our grandfather to join he told them to go schtup themselves. They were Prods and New York Jews always got on much better with the mackerel snappers , especially the Dagos. Two Mediterranean peoples, don't you see?

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