Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Iran: In range

Richard Fernandez argues that Iran is over extended and may have fallen into a strategic trap:

But is it a nightmare for Israel or has Iran has fallen into a strategic trap too good for its enemies to miss? The IDF, while formidable, is short-ranged. Its conflicts have all been fought on the border or within Israel itself. The United States, though able to project power long distances, did not have the political will or the obvious justification to mount a military action against Tehran. Thus, while the Islamic Republic of Iran stayed within its borders it was probably safe from any meaningful American or Israeli threat.
As noted before, the Iranian attack on Israel struck us as rather weak while Israel responded with biblical level fire and fury. By butting up against Israel, Iran has put its own military in range of the world's last great 20th century style mechanized army.*

Which is why Iran's strategy in Lebanon made so much sense. Here is an arsenal of tens of thousands of rockets and missiles, concealed within the Lebanese infrastructure with the Lebanese themselves as human shields.

Why put your own military in the IDF's crosshairs?

*Oh, and the South Koreans.

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