Monday, May 28, 2018

Memorial Day Movie Tally

Special Memorial Day Supplement
Best WWII Films

These aren't just WWII movies, say, The Bridge at Remagan or Battle of the Bulge*, but actual war films with something to say; they just happen to take place in WWII. Long time reader(s) will not be surprised by some of the titles on this list:

Twelve O'clock High: The greatest movie ever made about leadership.
The Caine Mutiny: Not about leadership but loyalty. 'Do you think if you and the other officers had given Queeg the loyalty he needed the business in the typhoon would have come up?'**
Bridge over the River Kwai: Three men, three nations, three views of war.
Battleground: Considered one of the most realistic films ever made about the ins and outs of being a GI on the line.
Mr. Roberts: A navy movie about an irrelevant Liberty Ship in the quiet Southwest Pacific Theatre. A light hearted movie where, in the words of Henry Fonda's Mr. Roberts, 'Boredom is the enemy.' The blogger empathizes more than the reader(s) will ever know with Mr. Roberts' dilemma.
Kelly's Heroes: Another light hearted film, this one has some great one-liners. This time the GIs are fighting for themselves. We always say when the men look tired, bored and terrified all at the same time the actors have done their job.

*An awful, disgrace of a film formally disowned by Ike.
**Rough quote.


  1. Don't forget the longest day best film about d day

  2. Why can't Hollywood make movies like these anymore so tired of all the re boots and sequels does anyone have an original idea anymore