Friday, May 25, 2018

Polish Novel

Well, we got World War 1990: Battle for Poland just about the way we want it. Only a few details remain to be threshed out.

These include tidying up Tornado pilot jargon, usage, etc. Honestly I don't know how much more of that I'm going to do. It will never be 100% spot on.

There's also the little matter of who would have commanded the Canadian 1st Division. Basically the Canucks kept a brigade group in Germany which would have expanded to two brigades in time of war. I actually can't find a named commander, and even alumni sites are at a loss. Honestly we're not sure it matters. We fictionalized commanders in Anzacs and it's not like this novel is about the GOC of Canadian 1st Division's inner thoughts and private life.

That said real commanders are used with the British, US VII Corps and even XI National Guard Corps. We like to be consistent.


  1. Major General B.L.M. Smith was commander of Canadian Forces in Europe 1989-1992. But he was Air Force. Mobile Command (army) was Lt. General K.R. Foster.
    Major General J.M. Robert Gaudreau commanded 4 CMBG in Europe from 1989-1991. As a Brigadier.

    You've gotta scroll WAY down to get to the biographies. Gaudreau was promoted to Major General and in charge of 1st Canadian Division in 1990

  3. Wow! Thanks. How did you comeup with that.

  4. Got interested in the Canadian army in Europe during the Cold War a few years ago. Information is hard to find, most don't consider the Canadian army "big" enough to really study.