Saturday, May 19, 2018

Royal Saturday Updates

As I write this the Royal Wedding is on the telly.

[Telly? Really? -Ed]

We've gotten the kinks worked out of Polish Plain.

The faire Debbie has the Pershing MS.

We are on lesson 19 & 20 of our French program. God we're butchering the language.

We're tired. We're bored. We're Middle-aged.


  1. Join the club at least u don't have bad knees and back from being to long in the infantry but god was it so much fun

  2. Ahhhh but I do have the heart condition and gout!

  3. Ok u got me there always heard pickle juice helps gout not sure if it does but is a old wives take around these parts

  4. Cherries break up the uric acid buildup. I take one at night with a handful of heart pills.