Monday, May 7, 2018

Senator McCain Regrets

Senator John McCain is dying, and like a lot of curmudgeonly old men he's telling us what he thinks. This morning we see headlines that McCain regrets picking Sarah Palin for veep.

Palin gave the McCain campaign it's only real buzz.

As we recall Jonah Goldberg of National Review started the Palin train. We certainly had never heard of her. We favored the pick, if for no other reason than she was soooo hot. One cold actually see the little hearts circling above our head.

Still she clearly wasn't ready for the gig and was badly advised.

What might have been is actually an interesting alt-history scenario. Instead of being tapped for veep, Palin makes the short list, gets a lot of PR and then gives the RNC keynote address. She 's something of a sensation, makes the cover of People, gets adopted as a sort of national icon for working moms, becomes a regular on the morning gab shows, gets reelected in 2010, has a dramatic press conference in early 2012 stating she wont run for president, etc etc...the stage is really set for 2016.

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