Monday, May 21, 2018

Summer of '93, Summer of Ennui

Twenty five years ago we were back home from a pretty successful first year at college. We had about an 80 average, not bad for us. We'd been on the student newspaper,  the drama club and even joined a frat: A-X-P!

That summer was very carefree. Not a lot happened. It was the opposite of the previous summer, where we had a mild romance with the girl who is the inspiration behind Patricia in A Line through the Desert.

We life guarded in a couple of different places, mostly the City of Peekskill Public Pool. We spent a couple of long sojourns by ourselves up at the family Berkshire summer home, a first for us. We read hard science fiction-a lot of Larry Niven. Even our music was pretty dull, Queen's A Kind of Magic held over from senior year, which already seemed light years away. We recall hearing a lot of River of Dreams, Runaway Train. We still listened to the radio back then.

We miss the feel of the time.

There wasn't really much happening. We didn't have a girlfriend or anything. It was the last summer at home for us.

The next spring we met a girl who right now is upstairs getting ready for work. Soon after was our first summer was our first internship.  Two years later we had finished our second internship, transferred to an undisclosed non-Jesuit university in Washington D.C., and were putting down roots in Northern Virginia.


  1. Ah the summer of 93 dodging ak fire in Mogadishu so much fun

  2. Different paths to say the least.

  3. I have to say school was pure hell for me rather be shot at but that's just me worse 4 years of my life was high school

  4. The military is kind of the family business been that way ever since william Wallace's day

  5. I too hated high school. Unless your smart or a jock it's prison.

  6. If u r not in the in crowd high school blows