Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Tuesday Tally

John McCain* is dying and making news. He doesn't want Trump at his funeral and he regrets picking Palin for veep. Thus McCain shows us his annoying moral narcissism. With that in mind here are the reasons why we can't stand Senator John McCain:

1-McCain is loved by the media, just so long he is not a threat to them. Hence they used him to hammer W, and now they use him to hammer Trump.**
2-McCain never understood that the media saw him as a tool with which to hammer conservatives.
3-McCain had his chance in 2000 and blew it. He would have whooped Al Gore.
4-McCain bragged about being endorsed by the New York Times.***
5-McCain sponsored Campaign Finance Reform. What's wrong with money in politics?

*We voted for McCain in the 2000 primary and in the 2008 general.
**One should always judge a man by his enemies.
***If one cannot judge a man by his enemies, then judge a man by his friends.

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