Sunday, May 6, 2018

Will's Good idea for the week of 5-6-18

Say we've finished Pershing's War 1919.

Let's say we were writing The New World: All its' Power and Might about the US, Canada and company liberating Nazi occupied Britain.

Let's say the year is 1946.

Let's also say the A-Bomb subplot is a given.

Let's further say that American and Canadian forces are gathering on Iceland and Greenland, while Australian and Indian forces are gathering in Egypt.

And say we don't want to write another endless stream of battle sequences with F-15 Eagles swapped out for P-51 Mustangs.

What should we write?


  1. How about a different era say if Napoleon defeats Britian then trys to take back the Louisiana purchase

  2. Or go the espionage/Allied deception operations route. Making the Germans think the Indians/Australians are going to hit Malta and Sicily to cut the lines to Africa when they're actually going after Libya. Say the Americans and Canadians are going to land near/at Glasgow (Dieppe hasn't happened in this timeline) and have an operation that makes the Germans think they're going to hit Northern Ireland and the Outer Hebrides to establish bomber bases.
    The atomic bomb? Spies trying to figure out which side has it and where's the target???

  3. Hmmmm interesting and keep em coming.