Thursday, June 21, 2018

Academic Lawfare

Academic and author Jordan Peterson is suing Wilfred Laurie University for defamation:

We're no lawyer, but this sounds pretty defamatory to us:
University of Toronto Professor Jordan Peterson has launched a $1.5-million defamation suit against Wilfrid Laurier University, two of its professors and a former gender and equity manager for suggesting he was “analogous to Adolf Hitler.”
Shepherd was disciplined during the meeting for showing students a TV clip of Peterson discussing gender-neutral pronouns, something the university later apologized for, but Peterson told the Toronto Sun Wednesday he believes the university failed to properly respond to the incident.
Ms. Shephard is no longer at WLU and says she cannot find academic work elsewhere. She is also suing WLU. Good for her.

The four minute video at the link is worth the watch. In it, Professor Lindsey Shephard defends herself against an unholy troika of college bureaucrats, freaks, weirdoes and other assorted pustules.

Let's just say we know how Ms. Shephard feels.

This is the Jordan Peterson moment, he is world famous and having a yuge impact. This lawsuit will bring much unwanted attention to Wilfred Laurie University.

We hope Peterson sues them back into the stone age. 

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