Friday, June 22, 2018

Futbal non Americano*

Every four years we sit down and catch some World Cup. We enjoy it well enough. What follows are a few notes from an American neophyte:

-We love the way the clock ticks no matter what. Stopped clocks and unnatural pauses are a major weakness of American sports.
-Yes there's a lot of 'non-action', a lot of just kicking and standing around. But it's no worse than other sports.
-One feels genuine tension when the team possessing the ball closes on the goal.
-The kicker stands a decent chance of scoring, much more so than in hockey.
-The flopping has got to stop. Come on guys, you look totally gay.
-There are no fatties in Futball.

Lastly, these guys all stand for their national anthem. We sense an opening for professional Soccer, as we call it here in America.

*The NFL likes to market itself as Football Americano on Telemundo and Univision.


  1. Soccer is a communist consperciary to destroy America it's has to do with the our bodily fluids hope u get the movie refeancne

  2. You nailed it. Its a sport like any other. Compared to any other sport its got advantages and disadvantages.