Saturday, June 9, 2018

Le Affair de Adjunct: The Smoldering Crater

And so summer 2015 was the last time we set foot in a classroom, World Civ I. It was a nice semester.

After that there was some bureaucratic rigmarole and one titanic but pointless clash with another dean, just becuase we weren't going to let them get rid of us without a fight. We went down guns blazing.

The night we knew it was over we got good and drunk.

We told ourselves we'd write more and we have.

That September was the beginning of our now chronic heart problems. Nice stent, there.

Mrs. Stroock, for one, is glad we're no longer at RVCC. Too much stress. She's right, of course.

Still we drive past RVCC every day and look on wistfully. We whisper, 'RVCC....RVCC...'

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