Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Make them pay the Social Cost

America's Cold Civil War threatens to turn hot.

We've already seen several editorials arguing that it's ok to harass a Trump official at dinner.

The harassment of decent folks by hostile and deviant progs is only going to get worse. 

We've spent a lot of time thinking about how one can fight back against violent lefties without having to make a jailhouse phone call to Mrs. Stroock.

One idea, and we're stealing this from William Jacobson at Legal Insurrection, is to stop being polite.

Every conservative knows this situation. You're at some social occasion - work, formal, informal - when someone makes an unnecessary crack about Trump, or conservatives. Becuase you don't want to be a jerk or be like this jerk who just made the crack, you laugh along or just keep quiet. Don't make trouble.

Personally, our patience has run out. Time to 'Get in their faces' as Barry Soetoro used to say.

We'll use an example. Last summer we were at the Mavis Tire in Great Barrington, Massachusetts. The TV in waiting room was tuned to Fox News. We weren't really paying attention. Then a woman walks in and loudly proclaims, 'Oh no, Fox News, no thankyou,' really makes a show of herself and tries to change the channel. This is lefty Virtue Signaling. At this point we said, 'What you want to put it on CNN, some of that fake news?' This woman was taken aback and stammered something about, 'Well that's your opinion.' We kept on going and said, 'Yeah, you got a fake Senator here too right? Fake Indian. Me white man, trade big wampum!' to which this woman replied, 'There's no need to be offensive.' We said, 'Whose offended? She ain't and Indian.' 

Stop being nice people. Stop being polite. Liberals have to see there is a social price for their actions.

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