Tuesday, June 12, 2018

March through Hell

We began A March through Hell in 2010 and finally released the book in 2013. This was literary fiction similar to A Line through the Desert, henceforth the title. The book also came after writing several magazine articles about WWII in Burma, including one about Merrill's Marauders and designing the war game Green Hell: Battles for Burma.

Basically we had this character we wanted to write about.  Kim Taylor is a burned out combat vet and high functioning alcoholic with a lot of personal demons.  The question was what scenario do we put him in? Well after all the Burma articles we wrote, Burma made sense. Besides placing Kim Taylor with Merrill's Marauders gave us a lot of opportunities for some interesting combat situations and characters. These include hard-bitten sergeants, asshole superior officers, wiley natives, cute English nurses and their Indian cohorts, Gurkhas and Sikhs. Also, Taylor and company get their hands on a flamethrower...

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