Thursday, June 21, 2018

Mexican Kids get Trumped

Well that escalated quickly.

One minute we're talking about the Norks, the next we're embroiled in a fauxtroversy about illegal Mexican kids.

Nice coordination job between the media and the left, no? Expect more of the outrage du jour, Perhaps aunts and uncles being separated from their nieces and nephews at the border?

The Democrats come out of this affair looking like screeching morons.In the space of a few days, Dr. Maddow - who has the blood of African babies on her hands*- broke down in tears on air, DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielson was heckled at dinner** and Peter Fonda called for the rape of Barron Trump.  After this incident we should expect more of the same.

Oh well, we move on. Today the house votes on two immigration bills, neither is expected to pass. Chamber of Commerce lick-spittle Paul Ryan can't retire fast enough.

Meanwhile, Trump hits the campaign trail-in Minnesota.

*Maddow is a Rhodes scholar, a program established by Cecil Rhodes, the racist founder of the apartheid state of Rhodesia.
**At a Mexican restaurant no less, this had to have been a set up, no?

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