Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Middle-Aged Man

In the whole Senate Intelligence Committee Scandal, it's time to talk about the man who made the scandal happen, one James A Wolfe.

Readers will recall we've been highly critical of NYT reporter/concubine Ali Watkins. We feel we've been hard on her with good reason.

[How do you not hear that?-Ed]

A name like James A. Wolfe just screams, 'Middle-Aged Man' in a good way. That name says - staid, sensible, sober - a man to whom one have give complete confidence. Think of it, James A Wolfe, Attorney-at-Law. Or James A. Wolfe Investment Opportunities.

Rather than live up to his name and branding, Wolfe lost his noodle for a 26 year old future librarian of America.

When Ali Watkins offered Wolfe booty for secrets, he should have gone all Joe Friday on her and said, 'Listen, missy. I bet you're having fun now but one day you'll regret selling yourself for this cheap thrill. Why don't shoot straight and do right?'

Damnit, Wolfe, you're a middle-aged man. Start acting like it.

By the way, Wolfe's leaks and subsequent arrest are part of the whole Deep-State war against Trump.

James A. Wolfe, Love and Leaker

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