Tuesday, June 5, 2018

NJ Primary Day Part One

Yesterday we were visited by a young lady running for County Republican Committee. 

Eyes brown, lips glistening pink, a quaint, dare we say unsure smile, splendidly appointed. There she was in tights and heels trying to talk to us about why she was running for County Republican Committee, and all we could do was look down at our feet and blush.

[Here is this woman, who took the trouble to come to your house to earn your vote, and all you can do is gawk at her like a love struck 14 year old. It's getting harder and harder to tell people I know you-Ed]

She has my vote.*

[Yeah but would you vote for her if she were a Dem?-Ed]

I dunno….I dunno…

*She's a write-in. We're actually going to do a write-in becuase we think the candidate is hot.

[I quit.-Ed]

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