Friday, June 22, 2018

Notes on the Immigration Legislation Kabuki

The hardcore 'Goodlotte Bill' died last night. This would have legalized 800,000 illegal Mexicans, built a wall, ended chain-migration and the visa lottery.

Effeminate Speaker Paul Ryan's bill was scheduled for a vote last night, then this morning, now next week. 

This bill will legalize something like 1,800,000 illegal Mexicans, increase legal immigration, H1B1 visas, tamper down chain migration (though not stop it)  and build a wall. Ryan postponed the vote becuase he's making changes to the bill. He plans to add E-Verify. 

With E-Verify and perhaps a few other goodies we could live with the Ryan Bill.

Of course it's all academic becuase the Dems will use the racist* filibuster to prevent passage of anything.

This morning Trump told Ryan to 'forget about' passing an immigration bill till after the election.

We feel this is an excellent strategy. Trump wants to legalize the 800,000 DACA illegal Mexicans, build the wall, end chain migration and the visa lottery. These four ideas are extremely popular. 

This is a great platform for the fall and it can split the Dems. Trump can go to concerned Latin voters and say, 'I'm trying to fix DACA but the Dems say no.'

Always trust Trump. Never bet against Trump. Don't get tired of winning.

*The Dems used the racist filibuster to block both the Voting Rights Act and the Civil Rights Act.

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