Sunday, June 24, 2018

Sign Posts on the Road to Civil War

We believe there is a one in three chance the United States will be fighting a civil war within a decade. 

We believe there is a 75% chance Trump or his successor (Nikki Haley we hope) will have to send Federal Troops into a state (California) or municipality (San Francisco, Austin, Portland, etc...) to enforce Federal law.

Think we're kidding?

Item: A lefty mob runs DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielson out of a Mexican Restaurant.
Item: Another lefty mob descends on the Nielson's home.
Item: Donnie Deutch tells Trump voters their literally Nazis.
Item: White House Spokeswoman Sarah Sanders is thrown out of a Northern Virginia Restaurant.
Item: Antifa publishes names, addresses, pictures of ICE agents and their families.
Item: Amazon employees tell company ICE contract is like literally helping Hitler.
Item: Bill Maher once again calls for recession to hurt Trump in elections.
Item: various liberal celebrities and politicians say the NRA is a terrorist organization.
Item: Peter Fonda calls for the kidnapping and rape of Barron Trump.

How does one share a country with people such as these?

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