Monday, June 11, 2018

The Ali Watkins Deep Dive

James A. Wolfe was the security director at the Senate Intelligence committee and has been arrested for leaking classified intel to NYT reporter-prostitute Ali Watkins.

Our interest at the moment is miss Watkins herself. What was this young woman's appeal to the late middle-aged Robert A. Wolfe? 

Now, here's the stock photo Ms. Watkins' likes to use:

Professional yet cute. Here's her LinkedIn pic:

She's starting to look like a young librarian or Amy Farah Fowler. 

To try to understand Ms Watkins' true essence we looked up some clips of her on YouTube:

Yeah, that's definitely Amy Farah Fowler.

Was this relationship more than just the lust of a pathetic late-middle-aged loser, and was it worth ruining one's life?

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