Monday, June 25, 2018

There Will be no Blue Wave in NJ-07

We live in the NJ 7th Congressional District represented by Republican Congressman Leonard Lance. The district stretches from the 'Jersey Girl part of the state - old post war highways, shopping centers and houses like viewers would see in the Sopranos - through the more leafy central suburbs (where we live) to the rural PA border.

We think Lance is pretty much a wanker but his seat is usually safe. 

This year, given that New Jersey is a Blue state the Dems have targeted Lance.

To that end we have some interesting poll data.* Here Trump enjoys a 50% approval rating and Lance as a 44/30 favorable rating.

The Dems ain't knocking off old Lenny, not with those numbers.

There will be no blue wave.

*These people actually called us but we hung up on them.

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