Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Tuesday Tally

2543 Edition.

We've been spending a tonne of time thinking about the world in 2543.

To that end here's a list of the solar system's most popular sports:

-Gravity Ball: Like hand ball but played in zero gravity. Loved by belters, space station dwellers.
-Basketball: Favored by Belters, space station dwellers, Martians, the later becuase distant settlements can make 1 on 1 game practical
-Space Racing: Yacht racing where one uses gravity to slingshot one's craft around moons boats. Features actual races, but also sling shot freestyle competitions.
-Futball: Loved by the masses on Earth.
-Auto-racing: Loved by settlers on Mars who spend their days tinkering with mechanical equipment.
-Cricket: Favored universally by upper classes.

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