Thursday, July 26, 2018

General Ronald H Griffth...

The Washington Post says:
Retired Army Gen. Ronald H. Griffith, who commanded a tank division that helped rout Saddam Hussein’s Republican Guard in the Persian Gulf War and later served as vice chief of staff of the Army, died July 18 at his home in Arlington, Va. He was 82.
Indeed he did. In World War 1990: Polish Storm, General Griffith commands the 1st Armored Division which helps route the Soviet army at the Battle of Point Wilderness.

We wrote a lot about Norman Schwarzkopf's Generals, Fred Franks commanding VII Corps, General Rhame at the Big Red one, Fred Funk, who commanded the 3rd Armored Division in Desert Storm but in our universe commands XI Army National Guard Corps, and General Don Daniel, commander of the 49th Armored Division (Texas National Guard).

It was fun, and we think a nice touch.

Rest in Peace, sir.

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