Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Kavanaugh not with a C but a K*

Brett Kavanaugh seems like a fine choice to us. Ann Coulter loves him.

He's part of that group of Originalist judges that the Bush Administration worked very hard to get into the judiciary. Chief Justice John Roberts is part of that group as well. This was a very big deal back in the 2000's. 

For some reason Brett Kavanaugh rings a bell with us. Was there some sort of confirmation fight back in the day? Was he mentioned a lot back in the old National Review Corner? Am I confusing him with ex-Eagles backup QB Matt Cavanaugh?**

He's most likely an easier confirmation that Amy Coney Barrett who's a hard core Originalist and seriously devout Catholic. We suspect Trump will have one if not two more SCOTUS picks, and he's saving Barrett for when the Senate is more Republican. 

Of course Kavanaugh is Catholic too, and the Dems will look like bigots challenging the man's faith.

Nice rollout on Trump's part. We don't ever recall a Prime Time intro like that. Leave it to Trump to turn a SCOTUS pick into a network TV show. Well done, sir. Never doubt that Trump understands media.

In the coming confirmation battle we strongly recommend following Powerline and Legal Insurrection.

*How long till the left hashtags KKKavanaugh?
**Also backed up Simms/Hostetler in 1990.

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