Thursday, July 19, 2018

Move on, Russia

Ok, we get it. The press is lambasting Trump. Trump's message is muddled. Trump is even down in the all important Rassy Poll.

That said, Trump refuses to apologize or backtrack, which is wise. Never, ever apologize. Aside from making one look weak, it's like putting chum in shark infested waters. Besides, we agree with Trump. There is no reason to trust the assessment of the National Security State. Wanna talk about some of their screw ups the last few decades?

The problem for the democrats are twofold.

First, nobody cares about Russia. Nobody, and the Dems are obsessed with it. Ask the GOP caucus of '98 how being obsessed with an issue nobody else cares about worked for them. Go on, ask them.

Second, the Democrat Party is still led by a lot of geriatric coastal elites. At the same time Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez, Ms. Venezuela, has captured the imagination of the party. Good lord, last night human marshmallow Paul Ryan got the Dems to publicly vote against ICE.

Russia! Russia! Russia! As the left used to say in the 90's: Move On. Actually, don't.

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