Tuesday, July 17, 2018

No, Putin Trumped

Over at the Stroock endorsed Powerline they have a wide variety of opinion from 'Trump is a useful idiot' to Steven Hayes' sage analysis. Remember, the professional diplo-media types hated Reagan too.

The esteemed Don Surber* partially echoes Will Stroock, 'Democrats and their lackeys in the Fourth Estate demanded President Trump confront Putin about Crimea, about human rights, and election meddling. That is how they negotiate?'

No one's really talking about what Trump and Putin talked about, which is far more important than Trump's press conference.

Ex Commie CIA Boss John Brennan says he wants Trump impeached. We maintain that Trump does things like this just to drive the opposition mad. In this case mission accomplished. Why, it's almost as if he planned it.

*Always trust ex reporters, note not journalists, reporters, like Don Surber.

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