Monday, July 16, 2018


That was weird.

We watched Trump's presser with Putin and came away deeply confused.

Hotair is hysterical, calling the conference 'a low point'.

The President certainly gave ammo to his critics who think Putin 'has something' on him. Maybe Trump wants them to think that. Nobody cares about 'Russia' and the more Dems talk about it the stupider they look. Maybe Trump is trolling. Or maybe he was just off his game.

I liked the soccer ball.

As Churchill said Russia is a mystery wrapped in an enigma braised in honey and baked at 350 degrees for two hours or until the juices have simmered, or some such.

Reagan showed us the only thing Russians understand is brute force. 

Interestingly my friend and confirmed pessimist William Katz at Urgent Agenda seems pretty positive about the whole thing.

All this historian can say is wait and see.

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