Monday, July 9, 2018

Return of Hillary Part III: This time it's Personal

The esteemed Michael Goodwin of NYC's paper of record notices that Hillary! is acting like a candidate running for office. 'Hillary Clinton is up to something,' Goodwin says ominously, like a US Cavalry officer surveying the Oklahoma range for Elizabeth Warren's fake relatives.

Well duh. Hillary! goes on a book tour, gives lots of paid speeches, and opines on every political issue of the day.

Usually, but not exclusively, failed presidential candidates go away. You never heard another word from Michael Dukakis after Bush shellacked him in '88. 

Actually come to think of it, losing candidates these days don't go away, do they? After failing to steal the election in 2000, Algore became kingpin of the global warmenning racket. John McCain returned to the Senate. Even Mitt Romney is running for the senate from his native....Utah.

Of course Hillary! is running for president. We told reader(s) of this blog Hillary! was running a year ago. In fact, we urge her to run again.

We just hope Hillary! can make it to 2020. If the Parkinson's and alcoholism doesn't get her, the syphilis she contracted from sex addict Bill will.

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