Sunday, July 1, 2018

Same Damn Dream

26 years later I still have this goddamn dream.

I'm back in Hendrick Hudson High School. The place is 26 years older, rough around the edges, fading- almost like The Langoliers

But the buildings are the same. Always the same goal. Find Mrs. Delany. She was one of my teachers, looked after me for four years and, her husband tutored me in math.

I lost contact with Mrs. Delany early on - things started happening in 1994, and I wasn't feeling nostalgic. 

Anyway, usually in the dream I wonder around till I find the old classroom. It looks exactly the same, but Mrs. Delany is never there.

I've had this dream so many times at some level my brain knows the futility of the quest. 

This time I saw Mrs. Delany's aid, Mrs. Tandy. I stopped, said hello, asked after Mrs. Delany, and gave Mrs. Tandy my contact info to pass on.

Then I woke up.*

*You know the drill.

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