Sunday, July 22, 2018

Storm Release Dates

Concerned reader Anonymous asks about the release date for Polish Storm.

The answer to that question is we don't know.

When we get the MS back from Debbie we'll turn it in. Then Amazon formats, designs the cover, and sends us the proof, which gets read, re-edited and resubmitted. That process goes as fast or slow as we want. In theory that process can take three weeks.

But we may delay the release till we finish The Final Storm and either release them back to back, or just release both books at the same time, becuase why not? Also, fun with Amazon algorithms.

So what is The Final Storm's situation? 52,000 words, we've got the battle of the three seas (take a guess!) and we got our blockbuster finale. We need to re-research the battle of the three seas. That is, we need to go back through the naval and air action and make sure we have it as right as possible. We also need to write some of the set up for the book. Reader(s) will recall that these two books were once one book.

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