Friday, July 20, 2018

Witness, World War 1990

When we started what was to be the third and final volume of World War 1990, we planned to show most of the action through a few characters. That is they would watch what was happening and report it to us.

Boyle and Leonne, who readers(s) will recall from Eastern Storm were going to witness the Battle of Point Wilderness and Route Blue. Off in the far east an old man and his grandson were going to show us some naval action by...a new belligerent.

But when we realized The Final Storm was going to become Polish Storm we had to beef things up. So now we see the Battle of Point Wilderness and Route Blue from HQ - British 7 Armoured Brigade, HQ-1st Canadian Division, HQ- 49th Armored Division, and HQ- US VII Corps. So readers are getting that battle from three different levels, + Boyle and Leonne.

We're doing things a bit differently with The Final Storm. We're afraid there's lots more cabinet meetings. The reader(s) will be visiting Washington, Moscow, London, Tokyo*, Sverdlovsk.

[What the fuck are you doing in Sverdlovsk?-Ed]

Shut up, Limey.

[All I have ever done is support and stand by you...and you treat me like thiiiiiis!-Ed]

Stop crying.


Now stop sitting there with your arms folded and looking out the window. What's wrong?'

[Nothing. I'm fine-Ed]

You're sure?

[Yes, I'm fine...nothing's wrong...-Ed]

Ok, Good, becuase I....Ouch! Aw! Stop hitting me with your shoe! Ach!....

*Whoops! Spoiler!

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