Tuesday, July 3, 2018

World War 1990 and 90 and 90 and 90....

The World War 1990 series was supposed to be one book.

Yeah, stop laughing, Ed.

[Sorry? I was just enjoying a cup of tea. I really don't sit around here and wait for you to write something funny-Ed]

Actually, Ed, since you exist exclusively in our head, that's exactly what you do.

[Henceforth you use of 'we'?-Ed]

No, that's just the medication.


Anyway when we got it in our head to write about the Ruskis attacking Nome, Alaska* more ideas followed. 

Things got really out of hand when we realized Operation Eastern Storm would work better if the book was centered on the battle for Prague and the 2nd ACR's holding action. That's still the best battle we've written, we think. That book was going to have the whole battle for Eastern Europe, Czechoslovakia, Poland, Romania.

[Romania? Huh? -Ed]

You'll see.

Also, why write one book that people will buy when you can write multiple books that people will by. The writer's number one job is to get paid, as the indefatigable Robert Stacey McCain says, and the WW 1990 series is doing well by us.
So the ideas kept coming. World War III in Africa and Central America, then Southeast Asia and soon Poland. 

Thus one book became four and soon five, then six and eventually seven and eight. But not this year.

[Really, The Final Storm is 42,000 words and really just needs political stuff to wrap things up. You could do that it like, a month-Ed.] 

You're killing me, Ed.

*Damn you Bearing Sea Gold, and yes some of those guys show up in Artic Storm

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