Wednesday, August 8, 2018


So we've been working on a history and backstory chart for 2543.

We've made four sections, America, Eur-Africa, Asia, and Space.

In this effort we try to predict the future. We're working on the 21st century right now. For example, by the 2060s we have private space travel and a couple of private space colonies on Mars.

We're going to assume some kind of global environmental disaster, perhaps Global Cooling, which we think is likely. In this scenario snow and ice build up on some shelf on the North Pole causing a massive breakoff of a piece of the ice shelf the size of Long Island or some such and then slamming into say Spain or Japan.

Anyway, readers are invited to chime in with ideas.


  1. How about the super volcano erupts under Yellowstone

  2. Yeah, it's a good one but feels obvious. I dunno, maybe. I remember Mt. St Helens. and that was nothing. I bet we saw the same doc on the super volcano

  3. Or maybe a nuclear winter after Inda and Pakanstain fight there final war

  4. Could always go with the supervolcano in Indonesia or New Zealand. I like meteor hitting the Atlantic or Arctic. Maybe setting off a "dead hand" nuclear strike. Or a pandemic. Man made maybe?