Thursday, August 2, 2018

A Note for the Blue Wave

Hot Air has the skinny on Ohio's Special Congressional Election on Tuesday.*

Where once the Republican was up, now he is tied.

Usually when a candidate is ahead there will be a tranche* of polls showing him leading by a lot, a little or tied. This latest poll may be that.

Or maybe the Dem has just surged.

The GOP won four special house elections last year and is batting 500 this year, losing in PA but winning in AZ. This is a solid Trump district.

If we're right the GOP will win on Tuesday.

If we're wrong there will be a Blue Wave in the fall.

*Actually it's a Ted Cruz v Robert Francis O'Rourke post with bonus Ohio covered.
**Look at us! We first heard Ronan Farrow use the word then a reporter used it yesterday.

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