Monday, August 6, 2018

Feminism is Always Bad for Women: Murphy Brown Edition

Murphy Brown, The TV show that ridiculed Vice President Quayle* for suggesting children needed fathers, and then extolled the virtues of serial sexual predator Bill Clinton will 'take on #metoo':
Creator Diane English told reporters Sunday that the revival of the newsroom sitcom will address the #MeToo movement, while star Candice Bergen is bracing for President Trump’s response to the show.
She should be so lucky.

During the 2016 campaign Diane English's Super PAC worked very hard to elect Hillary Clinton, who invented the 'nuts and sluts' slur against the women her husband assaulted.

Remember, Feminism is always bad for women.

*By the way, Candace Bergin later said Dan Quayle was right. 

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