Thursday, August 2, 2018

Les Coneheads

Listening to an hour of French lessons per day has brought Coneheads to mind. Below is how we like to imagine things will go en Paris:
We savvy or 'comproneize' about 2/3rds of that conversation.

We think the Coneheads movie is the most underrated comedy of our time. The film did not do well upon release and was mostly panned by critics. However this review echoes our thoughts perfectly.

Coneheads is a one trick gag where Beldar and fam (or fami if you will) play it straight and everyone else goes along, assuming these aliens should fit in. After all they have all the trappings of middleclass culture. The film leaves us snickering the entire time.

This film is like our life. French, New Jersey suburbs, middle-aged dad with daughter, illegal immigration, even alien invasion, 'That is a very optimistic estimate considering the primitive weapons the Earth people will use for their defense.' We have lots of accented neighbors born overseas but with children born in America speaking perfect 'American standard English' as does the daughter in Coneheads.

For us Coneheads is 100% converged.

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