Monday, January 29, 2018

Hitler: Worse than Hitler

So we have this stupid controversy:

[Erykah] Badu says she can see the best side in anyone and then uses Hitler as an example saying, “I saw something good in Hitler."
Interviewer David Marchese replied with, "Come again?"
The 46-year-old singer then adds, "Hitler was a wonderful painter" and that "he had a terrible childhood."
Erykah Badu gave an interview to Vulture with a slew of problematic opinions - including one about Nazi leader Adolf Hitler.
Well duh!
Lemme tell you folks something. Hitler was a decent enough painter and was actually making a living at it by 1914. He was something of loner. He was also a mama's boy who was greatly traumatized by her death. Hitler loved art; architecture was his real passion. He was also an auto enthusiast. He enjoyed Disney films and American westerns. He was a good soldier, and though considered a strange bird, was liked and respected by his comrades.

He didn't care about politics or Jews until after the war. Like the 20th century, the Great War made Adolph Hitler.

Yes, even Hitler was human.

Keep an eye out for The Austrian PainterT. Coming real soon now. Here's one of our sources:

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  1. Over 50% of the legislation he inacted is stiĺl on the books in Germany. He is stiĺl an evil f%#€